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Vision 20/20 protocol secrets

por sana sim (2019-01-29)

One of the most common vision impairments from an acquired brain injury is hemianopia. Hemianopia can be in one eye only or, if it is a homonymous hemianopia, one half of the visual field in each eye is affected. In the case of a left homonymous hemianopia, the person may describe this impairment as being unable to see out of the left eye, but that is not the case. The visual field on the left of both eyes is affected.  The person with homonymous hemianopia may report other people appearing to have only half a face. When reading, words and sentences disappear once they fall into the missing visual field. This type of vision impairment can affect a person’s safe independence, because the person may not be aware of hazards on their blind side. In severe cases, they may not be aware of the reduced visual field and consequently, what they are missing. This is referred to as a visual neglect.